I tend to be pretty hostile to medication for many things that other people medicate liberally. For example, I have serious sinus issues, and my doctors have repeatedly recommended a bank of medical procedures ranging from a lifetime prescription to anti-histamines to having my nasal passages scraped clean.

I’ve pretty much refused them all. I just can’t help but think that medicine powerful enough to make my sinuses clear up probably has some other effects on my body that I might not like. It was primarily the prescription of blood pressure medication that finally made me lose 20 pounds to get off the medicine. The Cosmic Wife is constantly giving me grief about having to throw out medicines that I’ve been prescribed but never taken (primarily pain medications. I am pretty religious about taking anti-biotics, unless they were prescribed for a virus infection, against which they are useless).

So anyway, for the past few weeks I’ve been dealing with an annoying and sometimes painful reaction that has caused my joints to swell, my skin to itch and, worst of all, my lips to feel like they’ve been burned. The condition has been quite variable over that period, and last week about this time I thought it was finally over with, but then this weekend it flared up to new heights, with me waking up Sunday with my lips literally blistering and peeling, as if I had sunburned them badly.

So I finally broke down yesterday and went to the doctor. He said it was most likely an allergic reaction to something.


So he asked me “have you encountered anything new in your environment lately?” So I said “Yeah, pretty much everything from the water we drink to the air we breathe.” Explaining that we had just moved and that had changed pretty much every environmental condition we encountered on a daily basis, he essentially threw his hands up and said there were far too many variables to even try to nail down what might have triggered the reaction.

So he prescribed an oral dose of steroids that I need to take for a week.

I sure hope it helps. This just plain sucks. I actually missed a day of work due to it.