I can put this in the same general category as “Transformers”. Which means I probably enjoyed it more than I should have.

The Cosmic Wife and Daughter and I saw this together. In part that was because one of the Cosmic Daughter’s best friends is an animation specialist working for Industrial Light & Magic, and we watch all the movies she worked on so we can see her name in lights.

Yeah, she worked on “Transformers” too.


Anyway, I went to this movie expecting to see a farce. I just couldn’t see how a movie about extradimensional cousins of Godzilla crawling through a wormhole on the floor of the Pacific Ocean could possibly be anything but a joke.

I was somewhat surprised by the result though. Yes, I liked it more than Lone Ranger. I suppose that might have been in part because of expectations I might have had around each of them.

I expected the special effects for Pacific Rim to be awesome, and they were. But I wasn’t expecting any story at all and there was a halfway decent story in the movie. Much more than I expected.

Anyway, the sheer physical implausibilities in the movie put this well into the realm of fantasy. So I decided to treat it that way. And as sheer fantasy it isn’t a half bad way to spend a couple hours. I give it 3.5 pre-natal alien monsters out of 5.