There are certain people in the world of sports that I take an instant dislike to. Aaron Hernandez was one of those people. When news first broke of his potential involvement in a sordid gangland-style murder, my initial reaction was one of total non-surprise. Everything I had read or seen about the guy just screamed “thug” to me. I remember when he was drafted and people pointed out that he had fallen so low in the draft because of “character issues”, by which they meant he had tested positive for drugs several times already.

I was glad to see the Patriots released him this morning. Although I have to wonder how they tolerated his behavior for so long. I suppose the answer to that is that he can catch the football in traffic and run over defenders. Oh well, priorities are priorities after all.

The thing about this case that keeps my interest is that the man whose body was discovered in an “industrial park” just a few football field lengths from Hernandez’s home was dating the sister of Hernandez’s fiancee. (How long that fiancee will remain a fiancee is anyone’s guess.)

I guess I just can’t help but wonder what happened, and as usual my mind goes towards the most likely cause and effect scenario and leads me to wonder if further arrests are likely in the near future.

The most irritating thing about this story is how frequently the story turns from the murder of a man, to the possibility that Tim Tebow will become a tight end now.