Top ranking Democrats are doing everything in their power to turn the Plame Name Game into Watergate II. Harry Reid is calling for Karl Rove to resign or be fired. He is also calling for Bush to “explain” what happened with Plame.

The hilarious part of this is that is exactly what Reid and other top Democrats were saying two years ago when they demanded a special prosecutor to investigate the issue. Now that the investigation is over, they are screaming about more questions that need to be answered.

That’s what is so great about Democrats, even when they get what they ask for, it wasn’t what they really wanted.

I have been engaged in several one-on-one discussions (arguments) about Karl Rove and the general consensus on the left is that Al Franken’s recommendation be acted upon. When confronted with the statement that Patrick Fitzgerald had two years to find something Karl Rove did that was wrong, and he failed to do so, such minor concerns as due process are thrown out the window.

The absolute stunning hypocrisy of the left has never been on display as clearly as it is now. With Bush reeling from mulitple blows and his administration in obvious disarray, the best the Democrats can do is whine that their own “Fitzmas” presents weren’t what they really wanted.