Tebow throwing

I’ve not been paying close attention to the Tim Tebow saga lately, for a lot of reasons. But what I have heard is summarized below:

After being released unceremoniously by the Jets, Tebow has kept a fairly low profile. There were multiple rumors floating around about his future, mostly centering on a potential Canadian Football League career, much like Doug Flutie ended up pursuing. However, even that was considered to be unlikely by many and no news reports surfaced about any actual contract offers for Tebow from any CFL team.

While many considered that to be the final nail in the coffin of Tebow’s career, others suggested that Tebow and his agent were quietly floating the possibility that Tebow could accept a switch in position (usually rumored to be either fullback or tight end) to remain in the NFL. Also competing “experts” reported both that Tebow would probably end up in New England and that New England would NEVER offer Tebow any contract due to the “circus atmosphere” that followed Tebow.

Since the announcement that Tebow would be in the Patriots mini-camp starting today, the same rumors about him switching position have come up, but the “official” word appears to be that Tebow is joining the team as a QB and will compete for the backup job.

The other interesting news about Tebow in the past few months comes from a couple of ex-NFL QBs who have been working with Tebow on his throwing accuracy and those reports claim that Tebow’s much-maligned “throwing motion” and accuracy problems were diagnosed to be the fault of poor footwork, not any mechanic of his actual throwing. I can’t recall who the QBs were who were working with Tebow, but I think it was Vinny Testaverde and someone like him. According to that report, once Tebow’s footwork was corrected, his accuracy and consistency dramatically improved.

I suppose we’ll see. I still root for the guy. As I’ve said before, I like to see Tebow succeed because his success pisses off all the sorts of people I like to see pissed off. 🙂