So… I’ve been working hard for months to make this move thing happen. But I don’t think I ever really believed it was going to happen. We’ve lived here for thirteen and a half years. Our kids basically grew up here. It is a beautiful house in a beautiful mountain town with cool mountain breezes and the weekends are soooo quiet and peaceful…

But we can’t afford it. We never really could. I hate to think what other aspects of our life we have neglected in order to pay the high cost of living fifty miles from town.

Well, the last real issue to deal with was the hail-damaged roof. The roofers just packed up and left, the inspector has been here and approved the roof, so it appears that we are good to go.


It looks like we are going to be packing for the next few days.

Wow, I find myself somewhat bemused by the whole thing. Is it really going to happen? Really?

Tune in next week, when I should be posting from my new suburban location.