Some of the few readers this blog has left might be wondering why I have not been commenting on the avalanche of revelations that are now coming to light about the depth and breadth of the corruption that is and has been rampant in the Obama administration.

The reason I haven’t been commenting is because none of it is anything new to me. It’s all old news. It’s all exactly what I’ve been saying about Obama and his Chicago gang from day one (and even before).

This is what you get when you elect an incompetent, narcissistic ideologue to be President. I predicted all of this and more. This is the most corrupt administration in the past 100 years. This group makes Nixon look like a choir boy.

But most of the press will continue to carry Obama’s water and spread his lies. The only question I have is if there is just enough of a tattered shred of journalistic integrity in our nation’s media elite to have someone finally, finally start looking at what this man and his cronies DO instead of falling all over themselves over the platitudes and never-intended-to-fulfill promises he spouts.

Time will tell I suppose.