Roof repair. No, that isn’t our roof. They haven’t actually started working on it yet.

In the end our insurance covered the complete replacement cost for our roof repair, minus our $1,000.00 deductible. Which was the best possible result I could have hoped for. They have already sent us a check for about 70% of that with the remaining amount to follow upon completion of the repair itself.

We hired a local company to do the repair, a company recommended by our real estate agent and one that has been in business for almost a decade. I hope they do a competent job. I don’t want to be getting any nasty messages from the new owner that the roof wasn’t done right.

The final cost of the repair was right at about $10,000. The amount the insurance covered was about $13,000. The adjuster said we would be receiving checks for that amount even if the repair was more or less. In our case it seems to be less. And we are replacing the roof with an upgrade to the type of shingles. Hope we made the right call. The determining factor in choosing this company was that we have to have the roof done by closing on June 4, and they can start next week.

This is the last major issue to resolve in selling our house. I am hoping that now it is all over but the pounding on the roof and the lack of access to our driveway for a few days as they put the new roof on.

This is actually starting to look like it might actually happen.