So here is an interesting situation…

I’ve been making molds and casting things out of plaster and resin now for almost a full year. In that time I’ve made thousands of items out of plaster and probably at least a hundred out of resin.

But the only things I have created that have actually been “productive” are some non-game things I’ve made for the Cosmic Daughter who sells them online to fans of the “Once Upon a Time” series. For example, one of the key artifacts in the show is a chipped teacup that Rumplestiltskin treasures because it was chipped by Belle. Originally the Cosmic Daughter was buying ceramic tea sets from Hobby Lobby and painting them and “chipping” them to make earrings. But after a while it was clear that this was not very profitable since the cups were only part of the tea set and the tea set was pretty expensive. So I made a mold of some generic teacups and have been casting dozens of cups for her to paint and chip and turn into earrings. She is expecting to sell several sets during the Christmas season, so I’ve been casting some more for her.

My brilliant scheme to make car bumper icons for fly fishing and stargazing has not panned out. Not because they wouldn’t sell, but because I just never followed through with any attempts to sell them.

But the fundamental concept of making molds, casting stuff and selling them has at least been successful for the teacups. I just need to figure out how to expand that business model.