A series of explosions in New Delhi today have killed dozens of Hindus. Nobody has yet taken credit for the bombs, but the tactics are consistent with Islamist terrorists operating out of Pakistan. Assuming for the moment that these are also attacks from Islamist terrorists similar to the 2001 Parliamentary attacks in India, then there are some reasonable questions that we should be asking.

1. What do George Bush’s policies have to do with these attacks? According to our leaders on the left, including Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin and Nancy Pelosi, American policies are the driving cause behind terrorism, particularly Islamist terrorism. I want to know which of George Bush’s policies have been leading to these attacks on Hindus in India.

2. What do the Crusades have to do with these attacks? Again as we have been told many times, terrorism is the result of Western policies going back to the Crusades. It is not my understanding that India’s Hindus participated in the Crusades.

3. What does Israel have to do with these attacks? Again, we are lectured daily that the causes of terrorism are primarily traced back to US foreign policy, particularly any policy that supports the state of Israel. It is not my understanding that India’s Hindus typically rally to the cause of the Israelis against the downtrodden Palestinians.

I could go on. The obvious answer to all of these questions is that NONE of the frequently cited “causes of terrorism” that are so crucial to the arguments of the Left apply here. The attacks against India by Islamist terrorists have their own causes, and those causes are the same as the causes of terrorism against Israel and the West. The terrrorism is the result of a worldwide jihad against anything that is not Islam. This is a solid example of why Terrrorism is a global concern and is more about Islamist desires for world supremacy than any slights against Islam from the West, the East or any other source.