OK, so it is hard to disagree with the fact that this last two weeks has been very, very bad for Barack Obama. He has done everything but install a shrine to Karl Marx in the Oval Office, his VP has demonstrated the mental faculties of a turnip, his Secretary of State has told him to go suck eggs when asked to take a “promotion” to VP, his Attorney General is literally being sued by the Congress for failure to comply with a Contempt of Congress citation, his Treasury Secretary has admitted that the economy is going nowhere, and in fact may be in for worse before it gets better and his wife has publicly scolded an Olympic athlete on her dietary choices….

What a disaster of a week right?

So why do the polls show him in a better position now than two weeks ago?

Oh, I know there are some specific battleground polls that show Romney has gained a point or two in a few battleground states, but Obama still holds a commanding electoral college lead if the election were held today and the states voted the way they are polling, but nationwide Obama has improved his image in these two weeks. Two weeks that would have utterly destroyed an incumbent Republican.

The fact that this nation has not already told Obama to take a permanent hike is a devastating indictment of the fundamental intelligence of our citizens.

As a famous comedian says. “You can’t fix stupid.”

Stupid favors Democrats. And stupid is a growth industry in our nation today.