Yeah… now I’ve bought some small throwing blades and am practicing with them. They are essentially steel blades about as long and heavy as a small butterknife, but with a sharper point and balanced for throwing. They look like this:

We were at a flea market and I just happened to see them at a stall, a set of 3 for $15. On a lark, just to test out the theory that these flea markets are all about bargaining, I offered the guy $10. He laughed, but then pointed to a set of two of the identical knives and said “For $15 I give you both, 5 knives.”

Hmm… OK.

So now I’m chunking knives at trees.

They penetrate surprisingly deep into a pine tree, and even deeper into an aspen tree. Just a simple toss, with no real force behind it, will go about 3/4 of an inch deep. If I put any effort into the throw and it happens to stick straight, I have to work to get it back out of the tree.

So far I am just messing around, but within 15 feet or so I’m probably sticking about 1/3 of my throws. It’s tricky but you can sort of figure out how the blade is going to flip and with practice from a set distance I think I could stick one pretty consistently. Within 25 feet or so anyway. And that’s a pretty long range. Longer than that and they actually catch the air and start going all wobbly and you can’t predict how it will flip.

Of course you can get heavier knives for longer throws. These are baby throwing knives.

But you gotta start somewhere.