The Hanorian Campaign A D&D gameplay log

This is the campaign log of the Hanorian Campaign, a D&D campaign started on August 17, 2006.

Session 1 Exploring ThreeOaks
Session 2 Miracle Merkel's Quality Battle Simulations
Session 3 Kobold Ambush!
Session 4 Storming the kobold lair
Session 5 Deeper into the lair
Session 6 Toasted kobold and giant scorpions [Level 2!]
Session 7 Freeing the kobold's prisoners
Session 8 Sleep soundly, halfling prince
Session 9 Spiders, flies, worms and beetles
Session 10 What, you can't sleep either?
Session 11 Divine Intervention
Session 12 Kobold armageddon
Session 13 Scorpion surprise
Session 14 Goblin invasion [Level 3!]
Session 15 A Walk in the Park
Session 16 Some call him the gangster of love
Session 17 Now you have it, now you don't
Session 18 Down the goblin hole
Session 19 Goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears oh my!
Session 21 How's a girl like you get to be a warlock like that?
Session 22 Chthul Who? Is that a trademark violation?